Salads – Light and filling for the hot summer days.  €7.95

Caesar Salad

Chicken pieces served on a bed of lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Sprinkled with parmesan cheese and topped with caser dressing, croutons and Lardons.


Feta Salad (V)

Cubes of feta cheese served on a bed of lettuce, cucumber and tomato, served with a red onion  dressing and black olives.

Goats Cheese and Beetroot Salad (V)

Slices of Goats cheese and Beetroot served on a bed of lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Served with a herb dressing .


Portion of chips   €2.50

Breaded Shrimp  and Chips  €7.95

Breaded Shrimp deep fried with chips and served with tartare sauce.  €7.95

Selection of breaded cheeses and Chips (V)

Breaded mozzarella , goats cheese and camembert  deep fried and served with chips and a sweet chilli dipping sauce.


Cakes and Treats

Chocolate brownie €3.50

Warm chocolate brownie served with cream.

Cream Tea €5.25

Scone served with cream and strawberry Jam. Served with a pot of tea or cup of coffee.

Waffles € 4.90

2  Warm Waffles served with vanilla ice cream and cream with a choice of chocolate or caramel sauce.


Lemon €2

Lemon and Sugar €2.50

2 Scoops of ice cream choice of Vanilla , Strawberry and Chocolate and a choice of chocolate , cameral or Strawberry sauce € 4.90

Ice cream milkshakes €4.50

Mix of ice cream and milk with choice of chocolate cookie, Strawberry, banana


We do set menu lunches and dinners *  on request please see our example menus below.
If you would like to book a lunch or dinner please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Salmon and Cucumber Crème
Salmon served on a bed of cucumber coated on crème fraiche

Served with slices of French bread

Tomato and Mozzarella
Slices of tomato and mozzarella served with balsamic dressing

Soup of the day
Served with French Bread


Breaded Shrimp , Chips and peas served with tartar sauce

Pork served in a cider and cream sauce
Served with a mashed potato and peas

Beef Stew
Served with mashed potato and green beans

Vegetarian option available, please ask for further details


Chocolate brownies with cream

Lemon Posset


Served all day everyday we are open except Friday evenings and special events



Indigo                                                                         €6.00

Crème de cerise, Curaçao, Limonade

Pussycat                                                                     €6.00

Gin, Crème de cerise, Jus d’ananas

Le Lagon Bleu                                                             €6.00

Vodka, curaçao, Limonade

Salade de Fruits                                                         €6.00

Vodka, Curaçao, Limonade, Jus d’orange

Disaronno Pomme                                                    €6.00

Disaronno, Jus de pomme

Jamaican sunrise                                                        €6.00

Rhum, Jus d’ananas, Grenadine

TGV                                                                             €7.50

Tequila, Gin Vodka, Jus d’orange, sirop de menthe



Sunny Honey                                                             €3.50

Jus d’orange, Grenadine, Limonade

Mojito Pomme                                                           €3.50  

Menthe, Citron vert, Jus de pomme, Sucre, Soda